Aqueous Gold
Supercritical Membrane and Cold Distillation Technologies


Aqueous Gold’s principals and management executives are experienced and successful entrepreneurs, each with business experience as both operators and investors.

Our team possesses broad and deep experience and expertise across the engineering, technology manufacturing and management fields in successful venture start-up and early stage companies.

Aqueous Gold’s executives have been involved in every aspect of successful venture project planning, technical development, financing, manufacturing, management, sales, and implementation of early stage companies.

They have the proven ability to provide the leadership necessary to attract, assemble and build teams and to manage and effectively motivate skilled workforces to achieve goals and deliver results.

These unique skills and their successful experiences in project development and technology manufacturing reflect management’s integrity, a necessary component of success.

It also reflects a genuine passion and excitement for challenges and an ability to manage risk, while at the same time inspiring others to execute to completion.

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