Aqueous Gold
Supercritical Membrane and Cold Distillation Technologies


January 2012.  Processing customer samples with pilot resumes.

December 2011.  Extensive repairs to damaged pilot are finally concluded. 

October 2011.  Martin develops new type of propriatary AG membrane for agressive oils.

December 2010.  In-plant testing at ONC is concluded.  Martin returns pilot to Santa Barbara to continue development of propriatary AG membrane for agressive oils.  Severe shipping damage to pilot was discovered.  Extensive repairs begin.

July 2010.  Martin and pilot unit arrive at ONC plant in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Pilot modifications begin, followed by testing of fish oils using AG's membrane.

January 2010.  Ocean Nutrition Canada, the world's largest supplier of Omega-3 fisdh oil contacts AG requesting in-plant testing.

November 2009. Aqueous Gold is chosen as one of 20 companies out of 250 to present at The Investor’s Circle Fall Conference in Washington DC (

November 2009. Aqueous Gold achieves the requirements for listing as a “Certified B Corporation” (, an exceptional achievement for an early stage company.

June 2009. Downturn in economy causes private equity group to withdraw funding commitment of $3 million.

May 2009. Construction of Continuous Supercritical Extraction pilot unit is completed. First extraction samples from the new pilot unit are performed.

August 2008. Private equity group agrees to invest $3 million in Aqueous Gold. Funding begins in October 2008.

May 2008. Restated Articles of Incorporation are filed and approved for DBA use of the name of “Aqueous Gold”.

April 2007. Exclusive worldwide licenses are secured by the company for all existing patents on a cold distillation process known as “Continuous Supercritical Extraction and Purification”.

August 2006. First private equity investor beyond “friends & family” invests $200,000 in the company. This funding will enable the company to acquire a transformational continuous supercritical technology and to fund continued operations of the company to exploit the new capabilities and opportunities.