Aqueous Gold
Supercritical Membrane and Cold Distillation Technologies


David A. Martin - CEO, President, Founder

Martin is an accomplished entrepreneur and innovator with seven U.S. patents.

Before founding Aqueous Gold, Martin founded Scent Air Technologies Inc. (STI). His leadership and patented technology made it possible to create the new market of large-area scent distribution, and for STI to pioneer the concept of scent branding. STI remains the largest competitor and market leader in its industry today. Martin developed the company's technology, created its manufacturing capability, managed production, and was the principle technical representative supporting customer sales.

Martin held key positions with other successful technology manufacturing start-ups. As Director of R&D for Advanced Technology and Research in Clearwater, FL, now AAR Composites, he spearheaded a critical technology development contract with the Cessna Aircraft Company, and designed and engineered the world´s first all-composite articulated aircraft seat. His innovative structures became the standard for all seats in Citation III business and military jet aircraft. He engineered the body parts and secured the winning bid to build what became a fleet of sixty-six composite (non-metallic) monorail bodies for all the Walt Disney theme parks worldwide.

David MartinAs Director of Development and Production for another start-up, Pro-Tection in Houston, Texas - a builder of patented body protective equipment, he accelerated production in order to attract and secure expansion capital at a critical stage in the company's growth.

As Research Principle (Manager) for Walt Disney Imagineering´s Research and Development Division in California and Florida, Martin worked with Disney´s structural engineers conducting seminars, demonstrations and training sessions to successfully champion the use of engineered composite materials at Disney´s theme parks worldwide. He also created and engineered new composite structures, such as the critical technology for "The Tree of Life" at Disney´s Animal Kingdom theme park and a new outdoor artificial tree structure, now used worldwide at all of Disney´s theme parks.

Martin was Senior Research Scientist and Senior Research Engineer for Lockheed-Martin´s renowned "Skunk Works" research organization. There he managed the Composite and Smart Structures Research Laboratory at the famous Kelly Johnson Research and Development Center. During his tenure, he was Principle Investigator of an Air Force contract: "Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors in Composites". Martin also contributed directly to the early stage development of the F-22 Raptor, and other stealth aircraft technology, for which the company is most famous. 

Martin has a BA and MFA from The University of South Florida.